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We are honored to be part of this memorable event beginning September 27th-29th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Center in San Antonio TX. We are sponsoring 2 of the world's best installers at the Tint & PPF competition so please come by our Booth #557 to see what the new rave is about. Displays, demonstrations, presentations and MORE for 3 days of this exciting event! How dreamy would it be to stare at a beautiful Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid? Each of our products is one step closer to protecting your investment against minor road hazards, along with making your ride glossier and shinier. Even James Bond would want to take it for a drive. We will demonstrate a live PPF demo to show the products flexibility, forgiving adhesive, excellent hydrophobic capabilities along with an amazing surface gloss. You will also be able to take a sneak peak of our computer cutting program. You won’t want to miss out!!!

Reflek Technologies Corp. has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona. The location directs us to compete directly with just a handful of American manufacturers. These manufacturers are capable of producing high quality window film products with successful outcomes. We respond to the need of our customers and our primary focus is to help our dealers.

You no longer have to worry about harsh East Coast snowstorms or rugged rocky roads in the desert areas. Your car will look as fresh as ever with our premium paint protection products. Come join us and witness greatness of what our company has put together to help in keeping your car look beautiful and brand new.


Automechanika Dubai 2018 is just round the corner

Reflek Technologies Corporation announced it will be showcasing its brands, products, business solutions, distribution and technical services this year at the Automechanika Dubai Show in the Hall 7, Booth G12.

This year at Automechanika Dubai the FlexiShield Paint Protection and Luxo automotive window films lineup includes:

PSH Protection Film: This Premium Self-Healing Film (PSH) protects vehicle exteriors from scratches and minor damage. PSH is 8mil in thickness and has the unique characteristic of restoring itself from slight scratches and accidental marks.

WSH Protection Film: Weather Safe Hazard Film (WSH) provides critical exterior protection from harsh weather conditions, staining and extreme exposure to the road. Like PSH, our WSH is an 8mil thick film which features a denser top coat for a harder surface and better stain and damage resistance.

LUXO Automotive Window Films for solar control

Graphite-our carbon ceramic featuring high IR rejection, Hybrium-our color stable dyed & metallized hybrid film, Chromite-high performance metallized series, and Glacialis-a neutral toned series that offers superior IR rejection in a spectrally selective film.

Come and see us in Dubai at Booth G12 in the Hall 7 May 1st – 3rd, 2018. Don’t miss our installation expert from Autowrap company in Kuwait, who will demo our PPF’s on a stunning McLaren 720S


Reflek to Attend NAHB's 2018 International Builders' Show

Reflek Technologies , the leading solar film design, manufacturing and construction company, with over 5 million square feet architactural solar film installed in 2017, announced that it will attend the 2018 International Builders' Show (IBS) in Orlando, Florida in January.

While at IBS, Reflek Technologies will demonstrate its comprehensive energy saving solutions for commercial projects. It will also introduce its lastest safety solar films as new addition to Luxo architectural solar films. "We are excited to have Reflek technologies involved at IBS again this year," said Dustin Morgan, President and CEO, Reflek Technologies. "Attending this show gives us the opportunity to engage with our peers and network in architectural industry. This year, we are particularly excited to showcase Luxo safety solar film as an innovative solution for commercial buildings."


Reflek's 2017 SEMA Show

Reflek Technologies will arrive in style at the 2017 SEMA show this year to showcase our critically acclaimed FlexiShield PPF and our latest line of LUXO architectural window films. Our product lines are made in the USA and specifically engineered to meet the demands of the US market. This is our sixth SEMA show and we are honored to be among the best manufacturers in the world.

Reflektech has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chandler Arizona USA, positioning us to compete directly with just a handful of American manufacturers capable of producing quality window film products. Our ability to respond to the need of our customers and our mission to help our dealers succeed, sets ReflekTech apart from the sea of big corporations and resellers.

On the international scene, ReflekTech is a well-known for consistently hitting the mark for both performance and quality. Our highly developed PPF line, FlexiShield and LUXO brand automotive window films have been making an impact in countries all over the world. Some of our best international clients will attend the tradeshow to show their support as we expand our US offerings.

Whether you are looking to expand your services or just want to give your customers the best paint protection available, FlexiShield is coverage you can count on, protecting vehicles from damaging environmental elements and everyday road hazards. FlexiShield PPF’s feature self-healing properties, are crystal-clear, stain resistant, repositionable and easy to install.


Reflek is coming to Automechanika Dubai this year

Reflek Technologies Corporation will be attending the 2017 Auto Mechanika Show in Dubai, UAE, May 7-9. Reflek experts will be on hand to discuss products and innovations with tinters, dealers and distributors around the world.


Reflek Travels To 2016 SEMA Show

This November, the prestigious and most popular SEMA Show for 2016 will witness the arrival of Reflek in their four-day trade show along with other reputable brands and international companies.

During the 2016 SEMA Show, Reflek will introduce some of their top-notch products, like, Luxo Window Films and Flexishield Paint Protection Film to the audience and will also hold programs to give them a better understanding of the functionality of these products. Along with Reflek, several Luxo clients will be arriving at the SEMA Show from different parts of the world. Some of these clients have showed their genuine interest towards Flexishield and PPF products and are willing to trade these products in their area, after gaining prior knowledge about the items.

The Luxo products like, window films and paint protection products have already been widely distributed in multiple countries and are being furthered in other parts of the world. During the trade show, Reflek will also make their debut in the United States automobile market with their superior quality Luxo Window Films and Flexishield Paint Protection Film products. With easy to install features along with high durability, self-healing properties, supreme stain resistance and efficient paint protection quality, the Paint Protection Film products are absolutely essential for protecting vehicles from environmental hazards.

The Paint Protection Film products have been meticulously devised for more than two years by the experienced and efficient members of Reflek, ensuring optimized expertise and high quality Luxo products which can effectively handle outdoor perils. The perfect combination of proprietary layer of TPU allows this special product of the Flexishield brand to acquire remarkable features like, exceptional paint protection features, improved glossiness of the surface screen, self-healing properties and easy water repelling characteristics.


Client Support Training In Shanghai

In a three day program at the social center of China’s Shanghai, Reflek Company demonstrated an integrated onsite training regarding installation of car paint protection film to several other company employees and clienteles. In this program, along with the installation procedure, there was also a thorough assistance by the Reflek team to the window tinting competition held at Shanghai and a constant guidance was provided to the automobile companies with their marketing events.

The installation specialist of Reflek Company, Andrew Cline had attended the three day program at Shanghai to incorporate exclusive tips and ideas to the automobile company installers on how to proceed with car paint protection installation services. He also demonstrated LIVE on how to install window tints and finishing. The interactive session with Andrew Cline turned out to be fruitful for the present installers, who gained immense knowledge about car paint protection film installation.

Along with Andrew Cline, product specialist of FlexiShield, Maddison Lawrence had also visited Shanghai and had helped with the marketing of the automobile events which are usually held in several trade shows and exhibitions. Maddison Lawrence also administered a meticulous navigation in the window tinting competition which was held at the three day program in Shanghai.

This onsite client support training program was not only beneficial for the trainers and installers of Shanghai, as they could learn but also for Reflek Company to obtain an exposure for their manufacturing company.


Reflek Travels China, Attends Beijing Trade Show 2016

This February, Reflek Company attended the Beijing Trade Show 2016 which hosted several imminent companies, manufacturers and enterprises throughout the globe. The prime motive of the Beijing Trade Show 2016 was to showcase the innovative products, items and services administered by several brand names under one roof.

Held on the “Land Of Dragon”, Beijing Trade Show 2016 was the perfect platform for not only famous enterprises but also new entities and start-ups to come aboard and interact with each other during the tenure of the exhibition. This trade show was also beneficial for Reflek Company, who participated in some events like car paint protection film installation competition and gained appreciation from several other automobile companies and onlookers.

Along with highlighting their supreme quality products at the Beijing Trade Show 2016, Reflek Company also showcased their top-notch technology system which has been headed by an efficient team of dedicated members, striving hard to create a remarkable feat for the manufacturing company, by setting up stalls in the trade show. At the Beijing Trade Show 2016, Reflek Company also promoted their excellent skill in being one of the valuable distributors of premium quality finishing and coatings.

The Beijing Trade Show 2016 was profitable for Reflek Company to exhibit their customized car paint protection products and services and acquire market attention.


Reflek Experiences The Prominence Of Las Vegas Trade Show 2015

As some of the greatest and freshest trade shows of Las Vegas made an impact on the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Reflek Company too had a favorable opportunity to present their brand to the entire automobile community at the SEMA show.

Regarded as one of the popular trade shows of Las Vegas, the SEMA Trade Show was held during the month of November in the year of 2015, which acted as the proud partner of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) that usually gathers the industry's top-class products and authentic experts from all over the world to Las Vegas.

Along with the lacs of companies and manufacturers from all over the globe, Reflek Company too attended the Las Vegas Trade Show 2015 and interacted with various type of professionals, manufacturers, distributors and company owners, coming from different aspects of industrial business. There were several new start-up companies and onlookers who participated in the Las Vegas Trade Show 2015 for the sole purpose of acquiring hands down expertise and specialized knowledge.

During the three day exhibition held at Las Vegas, United States, Reflek Company had set up their own stall where they not only showcased their slick products, premium quality coatings, Luxo Window Films and FlexiShield paint protection films, but also delivered LIVE demonstrations of installation of window tinting and PPF on a vehicle. The team members of Reflek Company who were present at the trade show, also provided valuable information on the benefits of using Reflek window films to the visitants of the trade show. Other than these facts, Reflek Company also spoke about custom coating and laminating – a range of fully customizable coating solution for the distributors who required a special functional window film and Luxo Window Films, their exclusive window film brand.


2015 China Zhengzhou Auto Aftermarket Show

Reflek Technologies Corporation has returned to China Zhengzhou Auto Aftermarket show in 2015. The Zhengzhou Auto Aftermarket show is one of premier automotive specialty products trade event.


Reflek to Attend SEMA Show 2014

Reflek Technologies will make its debut at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. The SEMA show is a premier automotive specialty products trade event. SEMA attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from over 100 different countries. Industry leaders come from every aspect of the business including: window film, detailing, car care and so on. The 2014 SEMA show with run from Tuesday, November 4 to Friday, November 7, 2014. Reflek’s booth is 20' by 30', booth number is #13027

The Reflek booth will feature product informational materials as well as live demonstrations of window tinting on a Lamborghini Gallardo. Founder, John Gregory and Dustin Morgan, will be there to explain and demonstrate the benefits derived from using Reflek window films. Product lines to be discussed include: Reflek factory direct supply - the premier window films for automotive and architecture application; Custom coating and laminating – a range of fully customizable coating solution for the distributors who need the special functional window film, Luxo Window Films ( Booth 12961 ) - our own window film brand, which has been promoted on the market since 2009, it has full range of lines includes: automotive, architecture, paint protection film and interior/exterior safety film.


Reflek Expand Warehouse, Add New Distribution Center in Shanghai China

The expansion of the RTC (Reflek Technologies Corporation) window film warehouse and distribution facility in Pudong, Shanghai, China is nearing completion; this is a significant milestone for RTC as part of its Asia Pacific expansion plan.

To be finished in the fourth quarter of 2014, the expansion will ensure the sufficient storage of window film products in Shanghai, China to serve the growing Asia Pacific market. Once the warehouse is completed, RTC will be able to deliver window films anywhere in China within 3 business days, and all RTC private labeling products, as well as Luxo Window Films will be stored and available directly to customers in the Shanghai area. Compared to the previous one-month shipping time from RTC’s Los Angeles warehouse to the Asia Pacific region, the new Shanghai warehouse will greatly improve the entire supply chain of RTC products, promoting window films sales in the region through exponentially improved logistics.

As a next step, RTC plans to build its packaging system in the shanghai warehouse early in 2016, which will eventually help reduce the overhead costs attached to our products, resulting in direct benefits to all our customers in the Asia Pacific region. RTC will reach a sales volume of 40 million square feet of window film in this region alone by the end of 2014.