Custom Coatings


Reflek has spent years of research and development efforts to produce many of the industry’s leading manufacturing processes. A number of these highly-specific and innovative solutions are unique and proprietary. When it comes to Coating, Reflek has the facilities and know-how to produce a wide range of industrial products at our state-of-the-art facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Anywhere you look, coatings and functional inter-layers are seamlessly integrated into every day products such as life-saving medical equipment, touch screens and anti-theft labels. As a user, you are constantly surrounded by a series of products which use specialized coating at some point during their manufacturing process. Reflek, as a leading brand in customized coating solutions, provides the latest, safest, most effective components for mass uses in industrial, commercial or residential environments.
Committed to continuously providing top products and services throughout the spectrum of vacuum sputtering, coating and laminating needs, we employ world-leading scientists, researchers and engineers who fully understand the extent and complexity of the industries we serve, and thrive to produce innovative, specific and reliable solutions for the needs of our clients