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Finding a scratch on the paint of your brand new car is one of the most painful experiences for a vehicle-owner. That’s why Reflek Technologies has spent years developing one of the leading polyurethane paint protection films on the market. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, FlexiShield Paint Protection Film will permanently protect the surfaces of your vehicle against scratches caused by flying stones or debris on the road, maintaining the bright, shiny color of your car for years after you drive it off the lot. With a high gloss finish top-coat and long-lasting durability, the outer appearance and color of your car will be thoroughly enhanced. FlexiShield Paint Protection Film will give you the feeling of driving a brand-new car every day for years to come.


Exceptional Protection Against Scratches and Stains
The supreme quality of the top-coat used for FlexiShield enables it to protect itself from bug squirts, bird droppings, road tar, sap and other outdoor impurities and airborne pollutants.

Self-Healing Properties
FlexiShield PPF comes with innovative technology which allows it to heal itself when affected with slight scratches or outdoor hazards. Paint protection film of the car gives the car brand new life and robustness after any abrasions have been cured, not to mention peace of mind for the owner as well.

Smooth Finish
FlexiShield differs from its competition by protecting a vehicle without the adverse effects and feel of an “orange peel” texture FlexiShield is designed not only for optimal clarity and protection, but to improve the overall appearance of a vehicle.

Superior Quality Adhesive
The proven adhesive performance of FlexiShield enables top-notch installs without creating any kind of deformation on the car’s surface. No need to worry about the protective film lifting up or peeling off like earlier formulations of PPF have been notorious for.

Ease of Installation
The installation process is simple and quick because of the flexibility of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which has advanced elasticity and thicker protective features to pair with the technologically evolved adhesive.