Solar Films


When it comes to commercial buildings, such as offices or shopping centers, the comfort of users and customers is paramount to a healthy business. A poorly protected window will allow too much solar radiation into your spaces, resulting in fatigue, eye strain and general loss of concentration, all of which significantly reduce the productivity throughout your building. Reflek Technologies Coporation has developed a wide range of high-performance, convenient solutions which can be installed directly onto the interior of your existing windows. This will control imbalances between insulated and shaded areas for a more pleasant, distributed indoor temperature. It will also deflect harsh glare and provide a more comfortable space for users and clients, without the need for complex, expensive renovation projects.


As a homeowner, you would never reject a solution that would improve the comfort of your house, all while reducing your monthly utility expenses. Installing Luxo Residential Window Films on your windows will significantly reduce your energy bill, by rejecting up to 89% of the infrared heat currently coming in through your glass. This means the temperature of your home will be kept cooler, while you will feel the benefits in your pocket, year by year, from day one.
On top of this, Luxo Residential Films block up to 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, which has been identified as a primary source of unhealthy skin conditions, and which greatly contributes to the aging and color-loss of textiles, furniture, paintings and finishes within your house. Protect your family and maintain the value of your property with Luxo Residential Window Films.


Driving under a strong, hot sun is an uncomfortable and even dangerous experience. Even with the AC on at full power, the scorching heat of the sun on your face, and the intense brightness on your eyes will make your journey unpleasant, while increasing your gas consumption. Luxo Window Films Automotive Line provides extraordinary heat rejection properties, with the unique optical clarity you desire. Rejecting up to 89% of the sun’s IR rays, and 60% of the overall heat that comes into your cabin, it reduces the load placed on AC systems for a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly driving experience.


Saltwater is one of the harshest substances to which your possessions can be exposed to for an extended period of time. Corrosion, rust, and sediment will surely show up whenever a surface is subject to seawater. If you apply metallized window films to a glass which is constantly exposed to seawater or sea breeze, its performance will significantly decrease year by year, resulting in frequent, expensive maintenance and replacement of your coating.
Luxo Marine Line is a specialized, professional-grade coating that will fully resist corrosion under the harshest conditions. It provides a solar rejection of up to 65% for a cooler cabin experience, while maintaining a visible light transmission value of up to 73%. Luxo Marine Films reduces glare without clouding your spectacular view of the ocean.