In a three day program at the social center of China’s Shanghai, Reflek Company demonstrated an integrated onsite training regarding installation of car paint protection film to several other company employees and clienteles. In this program, along with the installation procedure, there was also a thorough assistance by the Reflek team to the window tinting competition held at Shanghai and a constant guidance was provided to the automobile companies with their marketing events.

The installation specialist of Reflek Company, Andrew Cline had attended the three day program at Shanghai to incorporate exclusive tips and ideas to the automobile company installers on how to proceed with car paint protection installation services. He also demonstrated LIVE on how to install window tints and finishing. The interactive session with Andrew Cline turned out to be fruitful for the present installers, who gained immense knowledge about car paint protection film installation.

Along with Andrew Cline, product specialist of FlexiShield, Maddison Lawrence had also visited Shanghai and had helped with the marketing of the automobile events which are usually held in several trade shows and exhibitions. Maddison Lawrence also administered a meticulous navigation in the window tinting competition which was held at the three day program in Shanghai.

This onsite client support training program was not only beneficial for the trainers and installers of Shanghai, as they could learn but also for Reflek Company to obtain an exposure for their manufacturing company.

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