The expansion of the RTC (Reflek Technologies Corporation) window film warehouse and distribution facility in Pudong, Shanghai, China is nearing completion; this is a significant milestone for RTC as part of its Asia Pacific expansion plan.

To be finished in the fourth quarter of 2014, the expansion will ensure the sufficient storage of window film products in Shanghai, China to serve the growing Asia Pacific market. Once the warehouse is completed, RTC will be able to deliver window films anywhere in China within 3 business days, and all RTC private labeling products, as well as Luxo Window Films will be stored and available directly to customers in the Shanghai area. Compared to the previous one-month shipping time from RTC’s Los Angeles warehouse to the Asia Pacific region, the new Shanghai warehouse will greatly improve the entire supply chain of RTC products, promoting window films sales in the region through exponentially improved logistics.

As a next step, RTC plans to build its packaging system in the shanghai warehouse early in 2016, which will eventually help reduce the overhead costs attached to our products, resulting in direct benefits to all our customers in the Asia Pacific region. RTC will reach a sales volume of 40 million square feet of window film in this region alone by the end of 2014.

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