As some of the greatest and freshest trade shows of Las Vegas made an impact on the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Reflek Company too had a favorable opportunity to present their brand to the entire automobile community at the SEMA show.

Regarded as one of the popular trade shows of Las Vegas, the SEMA Trade Show was held during the month of November in the year of 2015, which acted as the proud partner of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) that usually gathers the industry’s top-class products and authentic experts from all over the world to Las Vegas.

Along with the lacs of companies and manufacturers from all over the globe, Reflek Company too attended the Las Vegas Trade Show 2015 and interacted with various type of professionals, manufacturers, distributors and company owners, coming from different aspects of industrial business. There were several new start-up companies and onlookers who participated in the Las Vegas Trade Show 2015 for the sole purpose of acquiring hands down expertise and specialized knowledge.

During the three day exhibition held at Las Vegas, United States, Reflek Company had set up their own stall where they not only showcased their slick products, premium quality coatings, Luxo Window Films and FlexiShield paint protection films, but also delivered LIVE demonstrations of installation of window tinting and PPF on a vehicle. The team members of Reflek Company who were present at the trade show, also provided valuable information on the benefits of using Reflek window films to the visitants of the trade show. Other than these facts, Reflek Company also spoke about custom coating and laminating – a range of fully customizable coating solution for the distributors who required a special functional window film and Luxo Window Films, their exclusive window film brand.

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