Hot Import Nights hosted their first event of their 2019 tour at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in beautiful southern California on Saturday. Hot Import Nights is an automotive lifestyle event that packs stadiums and event venues full of exotic custom vehicles and hands out awards to the best of the best at the end of the night.

FlexiShield is a global sponsor for Hot Import Nights during their 2019 World Tour, hosting FlexiShield Alley at every stop along the way. FlexiShield Alley will display a menagerie of exotic cars and custom builds, and will occasionally be populated with Reflek employees and live demonstrations. At the end of the night, one car will be selected as Hottest Exotic and will receive a FlexiShield bag with free product and other giveaways.

Featured in FlexiShield Alley in Los Angeles were several incredible cars and a live PPF installation on a mini car. Protected by FlexiShield, attendees gawked at a Ferrari 488 Spider, an Audi R8, a Subaru WRX, a Lexus RC F, and a Porsche 911. Pristine Paint Protection also performed a brief live demo on a Mini Nissan GT R to explain the benefits of FlexiShield Paint Protection Film.

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