The debut cutting program from FlexiShield PPF is finally available for use in a beta state. The official FlexiShield Paint Protection Film Facebook page announced on Thursday, January 31st, that RAP was available as a trial version to select installers picked through a lottery process.

The cutting software & pattern repository is still being updated through an innovative new digitizing process, where a vehicle’s panels are scanned with cutting-edge 3D infrared referencing technology and flattened with proprietary software. Reflek Technologies Corporation is striving for a competitive and diverse database with incredibly accurate and detailed patterns for panels, headlights, trims, emblems, and more.

RAP is set to officially launch at some point in 2019, an official date has not yet been announced. RAP beta testers are encouraged to share feedback of their experience with the cutting program, so that the platform can be optimized for the paint protection film industry at large.

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