This February, Reflek Company attended the Beijing Trade Show 2016 which hosted several imminent companies, manufacturers and enterprises throughout the globe. The prime motive of the Beijing Trade Show 2016 was to showcase the innovative products, items and services administered by several brand names under one roof.

Held on the “Land Of Dragon”, Beijing Trade Show 2016 was the perfect platform for not only famous enterprises but also new entities and start-ups to come aboard and interact with each other during the tenure of the exhibition. This trade show was also beneficial for Reflek Company, who participated in some events like car paint protection film installation competition and gained appreciation from several other automobile companies and onlookers.

Along with highlighting their supreme quality products at the Beijing Trade Show 2016, Reflek Company also showcased their top-notch technology system which has been headed by an efficient team of dedicated members, striving hard to create a remarkable feat for the manufacturing company, by setting up stalls in the trade show. At the Beijing Trade Show 2016, Reflek Company also promoted their excellent skill in being one of the valuable distributors of premium quality finishing and coatings.

The Beijing Trade Show 2016 was profitable for Reflek Company to exhibit their customized car paint protection products and services and acquire market attention.

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