This November, the prestigious and most popular SEMA Show for 2016 will witness the arrival of Reflek in their four-day trade show along with other reputable brands and international companies.

During the 2016 SEMA Show, Reflek will introduce some of their top-notch products, like, Luxo Window Films and Flexishield Paint Protection Film to the audience and will also hold programs to give them a better understanding of the functionality of these products. Along with Reflek, several Luxo clients will be arriving at the SEMA Show from different parts of the world. Some of these clients have showed their genuine interest towards Flexishield and PPF products and are willing to trade these products in their area, after gaining prior knowledge about the items.

The Luxo products like, window films and paint protection products have already been widely distributed in multiple countries and are being furthered in other parts of the world. During the trade show, Reflek will also make their debut in the United States automobile market with their superior quality Luxo Window Films and Flexishield Paint Protection Film products. With easy to install features along with high durability, self-healing properties, supreme stain resistance and efficient paint protection quality, the Paint Protection Film products are absolutely essential for protecting vehicles from environmental hazards.

The Paint Protection Film products have been meticulously devised for more than two years by the experienced and efficient members of Reflek, ensuring optimized expertise and high quality Luxo products which can effectively handle outdoor perils. The perfect combination of proprietary layer of TPU allows this special product of the Flexishield brand to acquire remarkable features like, exceptional paint protection features, improved glossiness of the surface screen, self-healing properties and easy water repelling characteristics.

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