Reflek Technologies will arrive in style at the 2017 SEMA show this year to showcase our critically acclaimed FlexiShield PPF and our latest line of LUXO architectural window films. Our product lines are made in the USA and specifically engineered to meet the demands of the US market. This is our sixth SEMA show and we are honored to be among the best manufacturers in the world.

Reflektech has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chandler Arizona USA, positioning us to compete directly with just a handful of American manufacturers capable of producing quality window film products. Our ability to respond to the need of our customers and our mission to help our dealers succeed, sets ReflekTech apart from the sea of big corporations and resellers.

On the international scene, ReflekTech is a well-known for consistently hitting the mark for both performance and quality. Our highly developed PPF line, FlexiShield and LUXO brand automotive window films have been making an impact in countries all over the world. Some of our best international clients will attend the tradeshow to show their support as we expand our US offerings.

Whether you are looking to expand your services or just want to give your customers the best paint protection available, FlexiShield is coverage you can count on, protecting vehicles from damaging environmental elements and everyday road hazards. FlexiShield PPF’s feature self-healing properties, are crystal-clear, stain resistant, repositionable and easy to install.

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